East Gate Journey
What is the East Gate?

 Throughout history the gospel has expanded to the West. Paul himself was prevented from going to Asia. Why?  Until the fullness of the gentiles comes in. The West was open and there were people groups that needed the good news to come together as one rather than fractured people groups (tribes, clans, fiefdoms, kingdoms, etc).  As the good news spread throughout the West there would come a time where it would have to crossover to the East.

So what is happening in the East?  The enemy has always known our King will return through the East Gate, Golden Gate or Bethany Gate in Jerusalem.  Knowing this the enemy has erected several barriers to prevent His return in Asia. 

To enter through the East Gate, the Lord would need to take down the gates of Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, and Judaism.  These are the strongholds of the religious spirits in the region.  

So we have been called to play our role in opening the East Gate. This involves working with those connected to this calling. It involves working with those on the front lines in regards to training and equipping.  We look to work with local leaders in the region, as well as the downtrodden (outcasts, human trafficked).  We would love to share our training and experience to bring the presence for healing, salvation and deliverance.  

There has been making huge inroads throughout Asia.  Many need support and encouragement to stay in the battle and to truly understand the cry of Back to Jerusalem.  As the Spice Trails and Silk Roads are being reopened, the highways of the gospel is also being established to come full circle around the world. We have been called to participate in this journey.  He has opened up cross-cultural relationships we never considered possible.  

We have journeyed around the world, coming alongside brothers and sisters in high and hidden places.  We are compelled to connect our friends to the Source in new ways that bring life to their situations.  It is a road of joy and grace that we walk in.