Our mission is to create atmospheres for people to connect with God and be empowered to fulfill their unique Kingdom assignments.


Our vision is to create atmospheres for people and nations to experience heaven on earth.

Value Statement (CPR)


Connect personally, with God (seek, Word and worship God daily)
Connect others to God (discipleship) and with others (relationships)
Connect with what God is doing here and in the world (discernment)


Passion in engaging God personally (love the Lord with all your heart)
Passion in our call (kaleo) to partner with His Kingdom (seek first His Kingdom)
Passion to empower people in Him and His unique Kingdom assignments (love others)


Respond to God’s personal leading or invitation (verse activities)
Respond to the kaleo (the call or sound) of God (obedience)
Respond with humility, grace and love (character) locally and globally (Kingdom assignments)


Our Team


Kaleo One is led by Davee, Tony and Lori.  Their passions are to draw individuals to experience the love of God in a personal way, and fulfill their unique calling (kaleo) in their homes, workplaces, and communities. They come together with their years of serving their local churches in the areas of small groups, prayer, missions, prophetic and inner healing. Combined they have traveled to over 12 nations on Kingdom assignments to empower people and leaders to impact their areas of influence. They see and understand that “the Kingdom of God is at hand” and the harvest is great.