K1 Training
O . N . E
One: to be one (united) with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Trinity) and united with others in Christ Jesus (John 17:20-24).
Nest: to create a safe place to release mature sons and daughters (John 10:14-16).
Empower: to be led by the Living Word (Jesus) in alignment with the Written Word (Bible) (John 1:1).

The Kaleo Training is all about making disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ, growing in maturity and fulfilling our calling (kaleo) in Christ. Our training outcomes are to empower people to engage with King (Jesus), release His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:10), and enjoy the journey (Rom 14:17).
K1 Ecclesias
T . E . A . M . S
Train: to equip and build up unto unity, knowledge, maturity, and the fullness of Christ(Eph 4:11-13).
Engage: to personally connect to God as a group (Matt 22:35-40).
Assignments: to fulfill the great commission (Missions, Matt 25:16-20), and our unique Kingdom callings (2 Thes 1:11, kaleo).
Meetings: to glorify the King (Jesus) and seek first His Kingdom (Matt 6:33). 
Spheres: to release the Lord’s love, presence, and Kingdom authority into our areas of influence(Prov 11:10-11, John 8:12, John 5:16).

Ecclesia is a Greek word translated in the New Testament as “church.” Ecclesia means, “The called-out (ones)” / ECC = out; KALEO = call /. Kaleo One is not a traditional church. Our Ecclesias consist of a remnant of Kingdom minded believers, from various churches which they continue to be a part of, called-out for specific assignments, seasons, missions, and Kingdom purposes. In Jesus’s time, ecclesias were governmental or legislative bodies established in every region by the Roman Empire. Jesus’ hearers would have understood an ecclesia to have authority over their assigned sphere of influence. In a Roman ecclesia, the leader was called an “apostle” and the objective was to “disciple” the people to become Roman’s (i.e., come into agreement with Roman culture and values etc.).
K1 Bench
L . E . A . D
Leadership: to partner with leaders to advance the Kingdom of God.
Ecclesia: to guide ecclesias and their ministries.
Ascensions: to engage God as leaders to seek the heart and council of God.
Discernment: to discern God’s Kingdom activity, times and seasons.

The Bench, or “Beit Din” is the Hebrew term for a governmental judicial council. Basically, leaders of leaders. The group of leaders who are called (kaleo) to seek the heart of God, discern His Kingdom activity, and strategically engage a region, sphere, or ecclesia. Sometimes the leaders function together with giftings of an Apostle, Prophet, and Intercessor.